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A modern currency data API for fintech apps.

Real-time and historical exchange rates for 154 world currencies provided in JSON format and works for any programming environment

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Developer-friendly, reliable and accurate API.

Currency data delivered by is sourced from top-level financial data providers, various commercial sources & banks

Real-time mid-market exchange rates.

The mid-market rate is the midpoint between demand and supply, that's why it changes all the time. The mid-market rate is the rate you will find on independent sources such as Google and XE. Compare our accuracy to:

The real-time exchange rate data solution.

Everything you need to gain access to 154 world currencies.

  • Localize web content

    Localize content using local context such as currency, languages and news to improve visitor’s browsing experience

  • Fight fraud

    Build smarter rules around fraud detection and increase detection rates, reduce false positives and improve the shopping experience.

  • Control digital media

    Manage the distribution of online content, ensuring that licensing and copyright agreements are adhered to and that digital assets protected against online piracy.

  • SDK in your language on GitHub.

    We are building libraries for the most popular programming languages, so you can focus on the most important aspects instead of wasting time connecting the pieces together. More is yet to come.

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